Carboy with Spigot
Material: (Bottle) HDPE, (Cap & Spigot) Polypropylene
  • Carboys feature easy-to-grip external handles
  • Inlet Diameter: 74mm for 5L and 10L carboy 100mm for 20L and 50L
Ordering Information
Cat. No. Volume Dimensions (D x H) Color Unit
CB-05-W 5L Φ200mm x 355mm White EA
CB-10-W 10L Φ250mm x 457mm White EA
CB-20-W 20L Φ300mm x 560mm White EA
CB-20-W-P 20L(PP) Φ300mm x 561mm White EA
CB-50-W 50L Φ380mm x 700mm White EA
CB-05-AM 5L Φ200mm x 355mm Amber EA
CB-10-AM 10L Φ250mm x 457mm Amber EA
CB-20-AM 20L Φ300mm x 560mm Amber EA
CB-50-AM 50L Φ380mm x 700mm Amber EA
Cat. No. Description Color Unit
CB-SC-W Spigot White EA
CB-CAP10-W Cap (for 5L, 10L) White EA
CB-CAP20-W Cap (for 20L, 50L) White EA