Easy to use, reliable and robust for all sample tracking applications, it is popular worldwide.
The scanner range runs from simple single tube scanners through rack readers to multi-rack readers.
We design, build and support our own readers so you can be assured of knowledge and quick support.
DataPaq software
Our intutive and very easy to use software is now in it’s third generation - presenting a simple one click scan - it requires almost no training to use.
DataPaq cube
A rapid and robust camera scanner to scan SBS rack and Cryboxes, quickly and reliably. Ideal for flexibility and high throuhput.
DataPaq express
The smallest SBS rack reader on the market, ideal for high-throushput applications and intergration
DataPaq single tube
An easy to use, robust and cost effective single tube reader.
DataPaq deep focus
A strong and robust SBS rack reader; suitable for benchtop use.
DataPaq multirack
A flexible scanner, capable of scanning multiple SBS rack and cryoboxes at the same time.
DataPaq highspeed
A quick, low-profile reader, ideal for intergration.
DataPaq single tube
Our original passive cryoprotection system allows you to scan multiple racks without requiring heat to protect the scanner.